Gender and Diversity

The MMTech consortium is fully commited to promoting gender equality and encouraging full contribution of women at all levels. Women are well represented on the steering commitee and a confidential point of contact will be maintained for anyone wishing to raise discrimination issues. The consortium is committed to a Gender Action Plan which will:

  • Encourage female researchers to participate in project research
  • Strive to retain female staff
  • Carry out a program of dissemination and mentoring to encourage women to take up science and technology subjects in school
  • Raise gender issues at management level to ensure women are represented at all levels and in all decision-making activities
  • Encourage networking and maintains links with groups and organisations that encourage the participation of women in science and technology and deal with gender mainstreaming
  • Collecte gender-related statistics to monitor the number of women who participate in various roles throughout the life of the project and the gender of successful job applicants

The project will aim for a gender corridor of more than 40% of either gender involved in the research work. Any teaching, training, or recruitment materials produced will be free from gender stereotypes and use images of female staff alongside male staff in order to promote gender balance in the workforce and to normalise such roles. Partners will ensure that gender-neutral language is used in all documents prepared and disseminated by the consortium

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