Process Control

Process control and damping are important to improve productivity, reduce chatter and improve part quality. This is especially important for brittle alloys such as gamma titanium aluminide.

IDEKO developed a self-adaptive process control system which reduced production time by 10% ncreased productivity by 300%.

FIDEA developed look-ahead and feed interpolation algorithms which limited jerk in critical regions. This reduced production time by 50%.

A tuned mass damper and variable pitch tools were developed to limit chatter, leading to good stability. The tools only work across a narrow range of frequencies, which is appropriate for materials such as gamma titanium.

IDEKO developed a damping table to increase dynamic stiffness.

CeSI developed an active damping device, ARES, which can be fitted on the spindle. This comes in high-stiffness, low-compensation and low-stiffness, high-compensation versions. These reduce cutting vibrations by 50% - 70%.

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