MMTECH delivered a number of technologies which are available for use in industry, or further research:

  • High-energy-ball-milled, low-cost, gamma titanium powders. For more inforamtion, or to purchase these and other bespoke formulations, please contact MBN

  • A machine for milling gamma titanium parts, including different machine options (spindle, toolholder, connections, lubricants, filtration, vibration monitoring and control systems). To purchase this machine, or to see which options are best for you, please contact FIDIA

  • Machining methods for gamma titanium (parameters, tools, lubrication strategies). To find out more, please contact Mondragon University (machine tools and parameters) or TEKS (lubrication strategies)

  • A reliability and maintenance simulation to optimise machine availability which has been integrated with the machine tool. To find out about more about how reliability and maintenance analysis can help your business, please contact CeSI.
  • Milling tools to reduce chatter. To find out more, please contact IDEKO.

  • The ARES damper for milling vibration suppression. To find out more, please contact CeSI.

  • Know-how related to the production of aerospace and automotive components in gamma titanium.
    • To find out more about gamma titanium or blade manufacture for aerospace, or for aerospacce machining enquiries, please contact AML.
    • To find out more about electric aircraft, please contact EFESTO.
    • To find out more about the use of gamma titanium within the motorsports industry, please contact DIGRO.
    • To find out more about laser machining, please contact PRIMA.

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