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Ce.S.I. Centro Studi Industriali is a global provider (SME) of Enabling Technologies and high quality Engineering services, including Design and R&D, to support customers in developing innovative products and solutions which are effective from the perspectives of performance, reliability, modularity, environmental impact and cost. Ce.S.I. operates in the following four business areas:

MACHINERY The company specialises in the study, design and simulation of innovative equipment solutions focused on performance, reliability, modularity and cost. It has extensive experience doing this for high-performance and high precision machinery including CNC machine tools (milling, turning, grinding, laser cutting, boring, water-jet).

ADVANCED MATERIALS In close collaboration with leading suppliers of material technologies, Ce.S.I. develops advanced, cost-effective and highly integrated product – process solutions based on CFRP composite, multifunctional sandwiches, metal & polymeric foams and smart materials.

MICRO-TECHNOLOGY Ce.S.I. specialises in studying, designing and simulating multifunctional motion units for ultra-precision micromechanical machining processes. Ce.S.I. also provides solutions for micro-positioning systems with inherent AVC (Active Vibration Control) based on high performance smart actuators.

ENERGY In the context of manufacturing industry Ce.S.I plays also the role of Energy Service Provider, supporting its customers in performing energy audits and management of plants, financial sustainability analysis of energy-efficiency initiatives and developing solutions and business models for implementing energy savings approaches.

CE.S.I. participates actively in key international R&D and innovation projects (7FP and H2020) to develop and apply advanced mechanical solutions, novel materials, high precision engineering and energy-efficient technologies. The results are applied to improve its own and its customers competitiveness in the development of new machines and processes.

Ce.S.I. cooperates and has strong links with the most important Universities and Centers of Excellence all over the world.

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Role in the MMTech Project

R&M (Reliability and Maintainability) analysis of machine tool targeted to γ-TiAl machining. Support to milling machine structure analysis optimisation.

Design and development of advanced Mechatronic devices for active damping in milling machine tailored to cost-effective machining of γ-TiAl components.

Business plan updating, market analysis, IPR management and contribution to dissemination activities (publication of relevant results into peer-reviewed open access journals).

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  • Mr Angelo Merlo Partner Lead