MMTECH partners approach motorsports industries

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The Diad Group presented the MMTECH project at the Kart World Championships at Le Mans in September 2015, at the ICE series in January 2016 and at the Cesana-Sestriere hill climb race in July 2016. Diad talked to a number of teams and technicians who expressed an interest in using γTiAl in a number of engine applications if prototypes and small series components could be produced using rapid manufacturing techniques.

Motorsports are a potential market for short-term exploitation of the project results due to the rapid evolution of component design, small batch production and the willingness to apply new materials if they will improve performance or save weight. This sector includes a large number of small-to-medium sized enterprises in constant search for excellence to improve their competitiveness. The extreme conditions allow the industry to act as a test bench for innovations before they cross over into commercial applications in the aerospace and automotive sectors.